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Appeal of our room

A well-appreciated hot-spring resort where women will smile nicely

  • The water is gentle on the skin and has been loved as a “Bijin-no-yu”(Hydrogen carbonate spring)
    In addition to having a slippery whitening effect, you can take a bath to a weak person of the skin, a pregnant woman, and a baby.
    Also, since it is a self-jet type with natural hot spring sinking (without heating), clean water can be used at any time.

Enjoy the hot spring and private luxury. All rooms have outdoor bath

  • Traveling is something that enjoys extraordinary daily life.
    The guest room is relaxingly relaxed and directs a fashionable space with a modern atmosphere.
    In addition, different types of outdoor baths are installed for each room.
    You can enjoy the private time without worrying about other customers because you can share the beauty skin water with the exclusive open-air bath.
    Please leave yourself to the hot water warming from the core of your body, please feel the joy released from your everyday life.

Room types and accommodation plan to choose according to your budget and travel style

  • If you want to have meals brought in or eat out and enjoy luxurious space free of Yuyutei,
    If you take a meal in the room and spend a little luxurious holiday in a notch upstairs, the main building.
    In this way, you can choose your room from various accommodation plan tailored to your budget and travel style.

One-day hot spring (stop-by hot water) is also very popular

  • Even customers who are not staying, you can enjoy the "Bijin-no-yu salon" of our apartment at a public bath with private outdoor bath · private room bath (private bath).
    In particular, all private bath rooms are equipped with a toilet, washroom, and rest room.You can spend your relaxing time with your family and close friends.

Good location for sightseeing access within Kagoshima prefecture

  • Youyu-an is about 15 minutes by car from Kagoshima Airport and highway entrance.
    Kirishima Mountains is a hot spring accommodation in a convenient location that makes it easy to get to sightsee for Kirishima Mountains, Sakurajima Island and Kagoshima city sightseeing.